Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 Days of Christmas- Day 8 Event

How about we do some free shipping for Last Chance doll gifts? The last day that I will be shipping to guarantee Christmas delivery in the States is Wednesday December 15th. I can no longer guarantee Christmas delivery for new packages being sent international. It's never too early to start thinking about 2011 gift giving though! :)

In addition to Free Shipping, how about some new dolls on my website? At 9pm Eastern, will be updated with new dolls for the last time this year... a few Mae's a few MerMae's and a few other dolls as well!

PLEASE READ all of the following instructions to take advantage of this Free Shipping offer!

Since my cart system does not allow for more than one promo code at a time (and I am sure that you want to be able to take advantage of the DIY promo codes!) I will be doing the Free Shipping as a PAYPAL REFUND. You can use the DIY promo codes (details at the end of the post) at checkout in the "promotional code" box and then in the COMMENTS section when you are finishing your order, type "maidsamilking" and I'll know to refund your shipping! Easy peasy but a little different from how we usually do things!

DIY Discount Details

Spend $25, use Promo Code DIY10 to save 10%, Spend $50, use Promo Code DIY15 to save 15%, Spend $100, use Promo Code DIY20 to save 20%. Enter Promo Code at checkout - be sure to click 'Update Cart' before payment.


  1. Okay! I'll take free shipping! :) What are we commenting on this time? All of the dolls are great! It is my mission to learn how to sew this Christmas vacation. When my mom comes back from vacation, we are making a Jo doll for sure!

  2. No comments needed this time! Free shipping for everyone! lol Have fun sewing with your mom! Learning how to sew with your mom is the perfect way to spend Christmas vacation. :)