Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of Christmas- Day 10 Event

Raise your hand if you are a sewing procrastinator!


Raise your hand if you forgot someone on your gift list and you need to sew a gift fast!

No? Not you?

Raise your hand if you love getting patterns on sale!

That's got to be you, right?

For the next 24 hours, all of my patterns on www.bitofwhimsydolls.com will be on sale 35% off! No promo code needed! Rob went ahead and marked them down for you! How easy is that? So if you are like me and you are a procrastinator and you forgot someone on your list and you like a good sale... then Day 10 is for you!

p.s. I used a picture of Tommy T-Rex because... well... I need to make a T-Rex for my nephew and I will be last minute making him this week! Eeeek! :)


  1. yay!! Im off to bu some patterns :)
    I just Made 4 Elodie Elephants for gifts one for a Handmade gift Swap and the other 3 I made for my Daughters Kindy Teachers and the LOVED her.

  2. I am so hoping my check comes today so I can order some patterns! Thanks for all of your hard work. Feel better soon!