Monday, January 2, 2012

Another New Year!

Wow! 2012 is already here! This year will mark the 5th anniversary of Bit of Whimsy Dolls and we couldn't be any more excited about our plans for this year. Rob and I have been working on a project for...well, for forever... as in 2 whole years!  It seems like every time we get going, something else gets in the way but we finally have all of the pieces in place and we are ready to really get things moving. We cannot wait (seriously... canNOT wait!) to finally reveal this huge project!

Along with "The Project", we will have lots of other new things to unveil and of course lots of new dolls and patterns. I'll also be using this blog and Facebook more. As we progress through the next coming months, you'll also get to know the team more as they add to Facebook and the blog! Very exciting!

With the new year comes changes. With the growth that Bit of Whimsy Dolls had over 2011... hiring new employees and moving into a commercial space to name two biggies... it is no longer possible to keep the 2011 price markdowns. The cost of business is no longer what it was when it was just Rob and I working from our dining room. Effective today, January 2, 2012, there is a price increase website wide. We do not do this lightly and have put off this price increase for the last 4 months so that we would not increase prices right before the holidays. Prices on finished dolls have returned to their 2010 prices and all patterns (minus the Sewing With Abby patterns) are now $10. We will still offer our DIY discounts and we will also run promo codes throughout the year. Secret, limited time promo codes will be offered through Facebook, Twitter and my newsletter so make sure you are checking in!

Thank you for all of your support! We have a lot in store for 2012 to share with you!

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